ALLPOWERS Solar Generator Kit 1800W (R1500 + SP035 200W Solar Panel with Monocrystalline Cell)

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Bundle R1500 + 1 x SP035 200W Solar Panel
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  • 1152Wh Power Station with 200W Foldable Solar Panel Kit
  • High Capacity for CPAPs, Heavey-Duty Tools
  • 1800W Pure Sine Wave AC Output (3000W Surge)
  • Long-lasting LiFeP04 Battery with 3,500 Cycles
  • Noise Levels as Low as 43 dB
  • Power Station with max. 650W Solar Input Fully Charged in 2 Hours 
  • 24/7 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Ideal for Motorhomes, Caravans, Balconies, Gardens, Garages
  • Included: R1500 Power Station, AC Charging Cable, 200W Foldable Solar Panel, Free MC4-XT60 Cable

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1152Wh Capacity

Compact yet powerful for both on-the-go & home backup.

1800W AC Output

Reliable power for various electronic devices.

15ms UPS

Instant power backup with minimal interruption.

LiFePO4 Battery

Durable, efficient, and long-lasting energy solution.

1152Wh | 1800W

Portable Power for On-the-Go Adventures and Home Backup

The R1500 is your all-in-one energy companion designed for both on-the-go adventures and home backup needs. Packed with a robust 1.15kWh of electricity, this compact powerhouse ensures you have the energy you need, wherever life takes you.

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Power Up Virtually Any Appliance

1800W AC Output & 3000W Surge

With 1800W continuous AC power and 3000W surge capability, the versatile R1500 powers 99% of household electronics and appliances.

Run your essentials like refrigerators, pumps, power tools, and more, even in remote locations or during outages. Despite its compact size, the R1500 delivers reliable home-level AC power for off-grid living. Count on time-tested pure sine wave inverter technology to safely operate sensitive devices without disruption.

Uninterrupted Power Anytime

24/7 UPS

With advanced UPS capability, the R1500 delivers uninterrupted power 24/7.

It seamlessly switches to battery mode during grid outages and voltage fluctuations without any disruption. Keep your critical appliances and medical devices running around the clock, whether grid power falters or you're off-grid.

With the R1500's reliable UPS function, blackouts and power insecurity are a thing of the past.


Noise Levels as Low as 43dB

Power your off-grid life in peace and tranquility with the R1500’s ultra-quiet high-speed fan. This advanced cooling system employs PWM technology to intelligently adjust fan speed based on power draw.

It produces only 43 dB at 600W output - about the level of a private library. Even running full tilt at 1800W, sound increases incrementally to a modest 55 dB, akin to an everyday conversation.

The R1500 keeps electronic hums and fan noise to a bare whisper undisruptive operated indoors or out in nature.

Fast Recharge in Multiple Ways

0-80% in 45 minutes

From Shore Power

Recharge the R1500 from 0 to 80% in as little as 45 minutes by plugging it into a powerful 1500W AC outlet. This hyper-speed wall charging reconstructs the R1500's massive battery reserves faster than you can take a lunch break.

From Solar Panels

Replenish your R1500 power station faster direct from sunlight by connecting solar panels (12~60V)⎓13A for best-in-class 650W solar input. That's a full 150W over typical panels.

From Car Cigarette Lighter

Charge on the go with the Car-XT60 cable, suitable for 12V/24V car cigarette lighter.

Dual input (AC+Solar)

Maximize charging efficiency by combining AC and solar input over for faster charging.


R1500 Solar Generator Kit

Versatile Power for All Your Devices

Stay Connected, Anywhere & Anytime

With a remarkable 11 output ports, it's designed to meet all your charging needs, ensuring that you stay connected, no matter where your adventures take you.

Universally supports smartphones, laptops, medical devices, appliances and more. The R1500 delivers off-grid energy for your entire arsenal of electronics.

Cut the Cord with Built-In Wireless Charging

Dual 15W Qi charging panels

With two built-in 15W Qi inductive panels, the R1500 enables wireless charging for multiple devices simultaneously.

Just place any compatible smartphone or earbuds onto the pads to power up without cords. Designed for off-grid use, the wireless chargers replenish handheld electronics using the R1500's onboard battery reserves.

Keep your essential devices perpetually powered no matter where your adventures take you - without a cable in sight.


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Parameter Specification
Product Model R1500/ AP-SS-010
Battery Capacity 1152Wh (48V⎓24Ah)
Battery Type LiFePO4
UPS ≤15ms
AC Output 1800W/230V, Surge 3000W
USB-C Output 5/9/15V⎓3A, 20V⎓5A, 200W Max.
USB-A Output QC 3.0 18W
5V⎓3A/9V⎓2A/12V⎓1.5A 36W Max.
Wireless Charger 2* 15W Max.
AC Input 1500W Max.
Solar Input XT60 - (12~60V)⎓13A 650W Max.
Car Input 12V/24V
Dimensions 413*312*265mm
16.25*12.28*10.43 in
Weight 16.7 kg / 36.8 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

The runtime can be calculated as follows:
Runtime = Battery Capacity x Depth of Discharge x Inverter Efficiency ÷ Rated Power of the device.
For example, if the R1500 is used to power a 120W Portable Cooler, the runtime would be 1152Wh x 86% x 80% ÷ 120W ≈ 6.6 hours.

Or you can calculate here how long power stations with different outputs can supply your system.

DC Output Runtime = Battery Capacity x Depth of Discharge ÷ Rated Power of the device.
For example, if the R1500 is used to power a 74Wh Drone, the runtime would be 1152Wh x 86% ÷ 74W ≈ 13 times.

The above date is for reference ONLY. Please note that the formula is NOT suitable for inductive loads with compressors, like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.

The R1500 has a 1800W AC output (3000W peak), allowing you to power devices with a rated power of up to 1800W and a peak power of up to 3000W.

The R1500 has an XT60 port for a maximum of 650W solar input. You can use a 12~60V 13A solar panel to charge.

Recommended panels:


SP039 - 600W Foldable,

SP037 - 400W Foldable,

SF400 - 400W Flexible,

SP033 - 200W Foldable,

SP035 - 200W Foldable with monocrystalline cells

Yes, you can charge the R1500 with a 12V/24V car cigarette lighter. You will need a Car to XT60 cable.

CPAP machines typically consume 60W-90W depending on the model.

With a maximum AC output power of 1800W, the R1500 is the ultimate power partnership for CPAP - which can easily run your CPAP for a whole night.

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