ALLPOWERS Solar Generator Kit 4000W (R4000 + SP037 400W Solar Panel)

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Bundle R4000 + 1 x SP037 400W Solar Panel
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  • 3600Wh Power Station & 400W Foldable Solar Panel Kit
  • Power Station with Durable LiFePO₄ Battery
  • Foldable Solar Panel Easy to Carry and Storage
  • More Efficient Plug-and-Play Solar Connector
  • Power Station with max. 40A 2000W solar input 
  • 4000W Pure Sine Wave AC Output with 6000W Surge
  • Compatible with B3000 Expansion Battery Pack
  • Ideal for Motorhomes, Caravans, Balconies, Garages, Gardens
  • Included:  R4000 Power Station, AC Charging Cable, 400W Foldable Solar Panel, Universal Solar Connector

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3600Wh Capacity

Perfect for home backup power, the ideal 3.6kWh station.

4000W AC Output

Reliable power for various electronic devices.

15ms UPS

Instant power backup with minimal interruption.

LiFePO4 Battery

Durable, efficient, and long-lasting energy solution.

3600Wh | 4000W

Power All Your Appliances

ALLPOWERS R4000 - the perfect backup power source for all your needs! With an impressive 4000W AC output and a whopping 3600Wh capacity, it can power almost 99% of all household appliances and electronics.

3600Wh Capacity for home backup

Reliable Energy for Every Situation

With a robust 3.6kWh capacity, it's your reliable companion for emergencies, outdoor adventures, and everyday use. Keep essential appliances running during outages, charge electronic devices, and support outdoor activities with ease. Perfect for home offices, off-grid living, or backup power for medical equipment, the R4000 ensures you're always prepared. Harness renewable energy with optional solar panel integration and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a dependable power source wherever you go.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Sub-15ms Switchover Time

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)delivers reserve power in the event of a power outage or when voltage fluctuations occur.

Clean & Renewable Energy

Multiple Ways to Recharge

AC Charging

Fully recharge the R4000 in around 2.5 hours by plugging it into a wall outlet. For a maximum of 2000W AC input.

Solar Charging

Support maximum 2000W solar input to fully recharge it in just about 2.5 hours to fully recharge it in just about. Compatible with panels (12~150V)⎓40A.

From Car Cigarette Lighter

Charge on the go with the Car-XT60 cable, suitable for 12V/24V car cigarette lighter.

Dual input (AC+Solar)

Maximize charging efficiency by combining AC and solar input to achieve faster.


R4000 Solar Generator Kit

Versatile Power for All Your Devices

Universal Compatibility

Experience the convenience of charging multiple devices at once, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and entertainment on your adventures. Embrace the ultimate power solution that keeps you connected, powered, and ready for anything.


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Parameter Specification
Product Model R4000/ AP-SS-011
Battery Capacity 3600Wh (48V⎓76Ah)
Battery Type LiFePO4
UPS ≤15ms
AC Output 4000W/230V, Surge 6000W
USB-C Output 5/9/15V⎓3A, 20V⎓5A, 200W Max.
USB-A Output QC 3.0 18W
5V⎓3A/9V⎓2A/12V⎓1.5A 36W Max.
AC Input 2000W Max.
Solar Input XT60 - (12~150V)⎓40A 2000W Max.
Car Input 12V/24V
Dimensions 540*490*300 mm
21.25*19.29*11.81 in
Weight 48 kg / 106 lbs

¹Product Specification Disclaimer:
Please note that the parameters may vary by version. ALLPOWERS holds the right to final interpretation. For precise, version-specific details, consult the instruction manual included with your product. The parameters specified in the manual are the authoritative reference for your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

he runtime can be calculated as follows:
Runtime = Battery Capacity x Depth of Discharge x Inverter Efficiency ÷ Rated Power of the device.
For example, if the R4000 is used to power a 700Wh heater, the runtime would be 3600Wh x 86% x 80% ÷ 700 ≈ 3.5 hours.

Or you can calculate here how long power stations with different outputs can supply your system.

DC Output Runtime = Battery Capacity x Depth of Discharge ÷ Rated Power of the device.
For example, if the R4000 is used to power a 100Wh MacBook and a 100W drone, the runtime would be 3600Wh x 86% ÷ 200W ≈ 15 times.

The above date is for reference ONLY. Please note that the formula is NOT suitable for inductive loads with compressors, like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.

The R4000 has a 4000W AC output (6000W peak), allowing you to power devices with a rated power of up to 4000W and a peak power of up to 6000W.

The R4000 has an XT60 port for a maximum of 2000W solar input. You can use a 12~150V 40A solar panel to charge.

Recommended panels:


SP039 - 600W Foldable,

SP037 - 400W Foldable,

SF400 - 400W Flexible,

SP033 - 200W Foldable,

SP035 - 200W with monocrystalline cells

Yes, the R4000 is designed to integrate seamlessly with solar photovoltaic systems like those found on balconies and rooftops. The R4000 stores excess solar energy generated during the day in its internal battery bank. This stored solar electricity can then be used to power your home's essential appliances and electronics when grid power is unavailable.

To connect it to your balcony PV system, simply wire the solar charge controller to the R4000's DC input. This allows the solar panels to charge the R4000 battery bank directly.

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