299Wh LiFePO4
Portable Power Station

Two Colors Available - Black / Beige

R2500 Home Backup Power Station

2019Wh | 2500W

R3500 Home Backup Power Station

3168Wh | 3500W

R4000 Home Backup Power Station

3600Wh | 4000W

2000W Solar Generator Kit

S2000 + SP033 200W Solar Panel

Break free from the electric grid and unlock the freedom of limitless solar energy with our eco-friendly power solutions. Harness the sun's renewable power to charge your off-grid adventures. Experience the possibilities of sustainable living with our solar products designed to let you journey further.

>> Power Your Better Life

ALLPOWERS Solar Generator Kit 600W (R600 + SP029 140W Solar Panel)ALLPOWERS Solar Generator Kit 600W (R600 + SP027 100W Solar Panel)ALLPOWERS Solar Generator 2000W (S2000 + SP037 400W Solar Panel)ALLPOWERS Solar Generator Kit 600W (R600 + SF100 100W Flexible Solar Panel)ALLPOWERS Solar Generator 2000W (S2000 + SF200 200W Flexible Solar Panel)


Solar Generator Kit

Light up your life anywhere under the sun with our solar generator kits. Simple plug-and-play setup harnesses endless energy from the sun to keep you charged up in good conscience. Ditch the diesel and explore sustainably powered possibilities with eco-friendly solar energy at your fingertips.

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