ALLPOWERS S200 Portable Power Station | 154Wh 200W
ALLPOWERS S200 Portable Power Station | 154Wh 200W
ALLPOWERS S200 Portable Power Station | 154Wh 200W
ALLPOWERS S200 Portable Power Station | 154Wh 200W
ALLPOWERS S200 Portable Power Station | 154Wh 200W

ALLPOWERS S200 Portable Power Station | 154Wh 200W

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  • Description
  • Description
    • 154Wh Capacity;
    • 200W AC output (240W surged);
    • Fast Recharge in1.5 hours (USB-C+AC);
    • 3 Ways to Recharge (USB-C/AC/solar charger);
    • 99W Max. Solar Input;
    • Wireless Charger;
    • 2.87 lbs Portable Power On-The-Go;

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    200W | 154Wh

    Power On-the-Go

    Power up your adventures with the ALLPOWERS S200 Portable Power Station! Never run out of power on the go with its 154Wh capacity and versatile charging options. From camping trips to outdoor excursions, stay connected and fully charged.

    Maximum 99W Input

    Lightning-Fast Recharge in 1.5 Hours

    Experience Unmatched Power and Lightning-Fast Recharge with the ALLPOWERS S200 Portable Power Station - Fuel Your Adventures in a Whopping 1.5 Hours with AC+USB-C charging! Don't Wait, Empower Your Journey Now!

    Embrace the Power of Wireless Charging

    Say Goodbye to Tangled Cables and Embrace the Seamless Charging Experience with the Built-in Wireless Charger, Making Charging Effortless and Tidy.

    Convenience, Portability, and Performance in One

    S200 compact powerhouse is designed for those who crave convenience and portability without compromising on performance. With its sleek and lightweight design, the S200 effortlessly fits into your backpack, making it the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures, travel journeys, or emergency power needs.

    S200 Portable Power Bank + SP026 Foldable Solar Panel

    The Perfect Combination for Your Advanture

    Simultaneous Multi-Device Charging

    Featuring advanced battery technology, the S200 packs a punch with its impressive charging capabilities. Not only can it simultaneously charge multiple devices, but it also boasts a dedicated USB Type-C PD 60W fast charging output interface, delivering rapid charging for your laptops, tablets, and other high-power devices.

    Versatile Outlets for All

    Durable. Secure. Reliable.

    Intelligent BMS

    Ultra-Compact & Lightweight

    2-Year Warranty

    What's in the Box

    *ALLPOWERS power stations and solar panels come with a default 2-year warranty. By registering your Power Station, you can avail an additional 3-year extended warranty. Please note that extended warranty is not available for solar panels at the moment. Register Here.



    7.87*6.7*1.96 inches

    Net Weight

    2.87 lbs




    Battery Capacity

    41600mAh 3.7V (154Wh)

    AC Input


    USB-C Input

    5V/9V/12V/15V/20V 3A (PD60W Max.)

    Solar Input

    99W Max.

    AC +USB-C Input

    99W Max. (USB-C Charger not included)

    AC Output

    1 x AC 230V, 200W

    USB Output

    USB-A*2: 5V 2.4A(3A Max.)

    USB-A*1: 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V 3A (PD60W Max.)

    Wireless Charger

    5V 1A (2.4A Max.)

    Wireless Charging frequency

    110-205 KHz 

    (Note: For Qi-Enabled devices, and other devices equipped with Qi-compatible receiver, you just need to put it on the wireless charging area for charging.)

    Environmental Operating Temperature
    Operate Temperature

    -0℃ ~ +40℃/ 32℉~104℉

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    very handy

    bought this about 2 weeks ago for our flat just incase of power cuts charged it up and tested works great would be handy for campers i would think anyway many thanks mr a walters

    Graham Hathway
    Looks great but…

    Missing the solar panels when delivered and box and instructions all show 2 sockets when the physical item has one

    Robert Grant
    Very neat!

    I bought an s200 for emergencies, and for camping over night at horse shows, it works pretty well, it's nice quality doesn't let me down, and when I'm not using it fits nicely in a draw. All the functions work well it wipes clean with a damp cloth and is simple to use. Would a buy it again, yes of course, in fact I plan to buy a second one to keep in the car. Is there any thing the could do to improve it, a hard shell would be good.


    Yes, S200 can charge and discharge simultaneously.

    The S200 can power devices with a total load not exceeding 200W.

    The runtime can be calculated as follows: Runtime = Battery Capacity x Depth of Discharge x Inverter Efficiency ÷ Rated Power of the device. For example, if the S200 is used to power a 25W desk lamp, the runtime would be: 154Wh x 86% x 80% ÷ 25W ≈ 4.2 hours.

    The maximum input charging power of the S200 is 99W, which can be achieved through solar charging or AC + USB-C charging simultaneously.

    The S200 is compatible with solar panels that have a working voltage of up to 18V and a total power not exceeding 99W. They can be connected using DC5521 connectors. Recommended solar panels from ALLPOWERS include the SP012 100W Foldable Solar Panel, SP020 60W Solar Panel, and SP027 100W Solar Panel.

    No, the S200 is not waterproof. Please do NOT store it in a humid environment for an extended period.

    The largest power bank that is allowed on planes depends on the airline's specific regulations, as they may have different restrictions on the size and capacity of power banks. However, in general, most airlines allow power banks with a capacity of up to 100 watt-hours or 27,000mAh in carry-on luggage.

    It's always a good idea to check with the airline and the destination country's regulations before your flight to ensure that you comply with their specific rules regarding power banks. You can also check the TSA and FAA websites for more information on regulations regarding portable chargers and lithium-ion batteries when traveling by air.