ALLPOWERS 7.5W Solar Car Battery Charger

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  • ALLPOWERS  car battery charger can charge 12V batteries with the power of the sun and create 7.5 watts of energy, the efficiency of SunPower is 23.5%, while most monocrystalline panel in the market is only 17%
  • The sunPower solar panel works in all daylight conditions and is water resistant(raindrop is OK, but not completely waterproof)for added durability
  • Works with automotive, motorcycle, tractor, boat batteries, car batteries, and more
  • Built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse discharge, not only maintains the battery lifetime but also extends its usage life.
  • 18-month warranty


  • Solar Panel: SunPower panel 18V 7.5W
  • No-load voltage: 18-23VDC
  • Maximum Load voltage: 18V
  •  Output current: 270-410mA(0.27A-0.4A)
  • Size: 320x128x4mm/12.6*5.0*0.12inch
  • Weight:0.323kg/ 11.4oz

What's Included

  • 1 x Solar car battery maintainer maintainer
  • 1 x Cigarette lighter plug(power cord 1.5m)
  • 1 x Battery charging clip line(power cord 1.5m)
  • 4 x Suction cupids
  • 1 x User Manual


(1)It is suggested to unplug the charger at night, for it needs sunlight to charge devices, the remaining power of your battery is no less than 60% before attaching i

(2)This item is just a battery maintainer, keep a battery topped off

(3)Make sure a “live” lighter socket: the socket gets power at all times from the battery, you can test this by plugging in a phone charger or other accessory with the ignition off--if the accessory turns on, that means the socket is " on" at all times.

(4)For modern vehicles, there are body control modules (computers), alarm systems, immobilizers, and lock monitoring. All of these units will rob electricity from the battery when it is not in use. Also, car batteries naturally discharge themselves when not in use. For such cases, it is suggested to leave the battery charger connected with batteries for the whole off-season to offset the natural loss, but for vehicles outside the garage, an off-grid solar battery maintainer may be the best choice.

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