Transformative Impact of 1kWh Electricity

Revolutionize Your Energy Savings and Eco-Footprint

1kWh of electricity can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and utility bills. Harness this clean, efficient power to drive sustainable change and maximize your energy savings.

Grab your solar generator kit now to save:

9000 Pounds of Coal¹

18450 Pounds of CO2¹

Harness the power of the sun and save the planet


Rechargeable via solar panels, these compact and versatile power packs provide sustainable, eco-friendly energy anytime, anywhere.

299Wh Capacity | 600W Output

R600 Power Station with 140W Solar Panel

Harness the power of the sun and keep your devices charged with the R600 + SP029 – a 600W portable power station paired with a 140W foldable solar panel, delivering sustainable, on-the-go energy for all your adventures.

R1500 with 1800W OUTPUT

1.2kWh Power Station with 200W Solar Panel

The R1500 boasts 1800W AC output from its 1152Wh capacity. With the SP033 foldable solar panel, delivering up to 200W of solar input, it charges in just 2.8 hours when connected to 2 panels.

R2500 with 2500W OUTPUT

2kWh Power Station with 600W Solar Panel

The ultimate in versatile, off-grid power with the 2016Wh portable power station and the exclusive 600W foldable solar panel – the perfect solution for reliable home backup, RV adventures, and powering your caravan, wherever the road takes you.

606Wh Capacity | 140W Solar Charging

S700 Power Station with 140W Solar Panel

The S700 offers 700W of AC output from its 606Wh capacity. Paired with the SP029 foldable solar panel, it gains up to 140W of solar input, ensuring convenient solar charging wherever you are.

Reliable Power Solution for On-The-Go

Off-Grid Power Solution

Earth Day Eco-Power Specials

Power Your Adventures Sustainable!

Whether you're hiking deep into nature's beauty or enjoying a classic family camping trip, ALLPOWERS has the power to keep your devices runnig and your gear charged.


¹: Our algorithm computes water, coal, and CO2 savings based on a 2kWh Power Station with 2 400W solar panels. With approximately 550-650W of solar energy generated per hour and 3.5 hours of sunlight daily, it converts about 1.9-2.3kWh of solar energy daily, totaling around 690-840kWh annually.
Traditional coal power generation consumes about 1.08 pounds of coal and emits 2.2 pounds of CO2 per kWh. Using the eco-friendly solar generator kit can save approximately 9000 pounds of coal and 18450 pounds of CO2 emissions over ten years.