ALLPOWERS R2500 Home Backup Power Station | 2016Wh 2500W

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  • Description
  • Description
    • 2016Wh Capacity
    • Long-lasting LiFeP04 Battery with More Than 3,500 Cycles
    • Maximum 2500W Charging Power Fully Charged in 0.8 Hour(AC + Solar)
    • 1000W Max Solar Charge Fully Charged in 2 Hours
    • 5 Ways to Charge (AC/Solar/Auto/Generator/Dual AC+Solar)
    • 2500W Pure Sine Wave AC Alternating Current (4000W peak)
    • 13 Versatile Sockets for 99% of Devices
    • 15ms Connection to the Power Grid for 24/7 UPS
    • Smart App Control (WiFi & Bluetooth Connection)

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    Power Anything, Anytime With Our R2500 Home Battery

    Massive Backup for Outages or Off-Grid Use

    Boasting a substantial 2016Wh capacity and 2500W AC output, our R2500 powers fridges, appliances, medical devices, and more for hours during blackouts. Suitable for home backup, RVs, DIY studios, and off-grid living. The advanced LiFePO4 battery retains 80% capacity after a decade for incredible durability. Recharge rapidly from solar, AC and multiple sources. With smart controls and eco-friendly power, the R2500 provides reliable energy when you need it most.

    Fast Solar Charging From Sun to Station

    1000W Solar Input Fully Recharge In 2 Hours

    With 1000W solar input, it takes just 2 hours to fully recharge a single R2500 in optimal sunlight conditions. Rapidly convert sunlight into stored energy for extra home power. Pair with 1000W solar panels to run appliances and devices solely from the power of the sun. Or use 1500W AC charging to refill in 1.3 hours, 2500W dual AC+solar charging in 0.8 hours, or 12/24V car charging.

    Seamless UPS Function for Outage-Free Power

    Prevents Interrupted Home Electricity

    The R2500's advanced UPS function provides seamless protection against power interruptions in the home. As soon as the wall outlet power fails, the R2500 instantly switches over to battery backup power to keep your appliances and devices running uninterrupted. The substantial 2016Wh capacity can provide hours of electricity for essentials like lighting, refrigeration, and medical devices during blackouts or emergencies.

    RV and Outdoor Adventure Companion

    Incredible 2016Wh Capacity and 2500W AC Output

    With robust 2500W AC output and a substantial 2016Wh capacity, the R2500 is the perfect power companion for RVs, motorhomes, overlanding, and off-grid outdoor adventures. Pair it with 2 ALLPOWERS SP039 600W foldable solar panels to harvest endless renewable energy to run your adventure rig or campsite solely from the power of the sun.
    The pure sine wave AC outlets provide stable electricity for your RV or camper's sensitive electronics and appliances. Whether you need to run an AC, mini-fridge, interior lighting, or portable power tools, the R2500 has the versatility and endurance to keep you powered up anywhere your travels take you.


    Durable and Safe Backup Power


    Robust Construction and LiFePO4's Reliable Performance

    We use high-quality lithium iron phosphate(LiFiPO4) battery cells rated for over 3,500 charge cycles while maintaining up to 80% capacity for exceptional longevity. LiFePO4 chemistry provides excellent thermal and chemical stability for enhanced safety compared to conventional lithium-ion. Integrated battery management protects against over-charging, over-discharging, and monitors temperature.

    Protective Dust Caps

    Protective Cover Prevents Accidents and Damage

    The sturdy plastic housing is impact and flame-resistant. Protective dust caps prevent unused outlets from accidental contact or corrosion over time. This shields the sensitive port from dirt, moisture, and debris that can hinder performance and longevity. It also prevents curious children from accidentally inserting objects into the sockets.
    Get comprehensive 2-in-1 protection with the cover design that blocks dust and access during storage or downtime. Protect your investment for reliable power when you need it.

    Power All Your Devices Simultaneously

    Universal Compatibility with Multiple Outlets

    With a substantial 2016Wh capacity and multiple AC/DC outlets, our R2500 power station seamlessly powers fridges, freezers, lights, TVs, routers, and more - all at the same time within 2500W. Keep your essential home appliances and devices powered for hours during grid failures. R2500 has the versatile sockets and ample capacity you need to maintain normal household operation when you need it most.

    Monitor and Manage Power With Our Smart App

    Intuitive Remote Access via WiFi & Bluetooth

    The R2500 integrates with our user-friendly app for convenient remote monitoring and management via WiFi or Bluetooth. Check power levels, turn outlets on/off, and customize settings. Have full visibility and control of your home energy use.

    Peace of Mind With Our 5-Year Warranty*

    Guaranteed Reliable Backup Power

    The R2500 comes with an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty*, ensuring years of worry-free backup power for your home. We stand behind the quality and reliability of our power station - if you encounter any issues, we have your back. Get guaranteed performance you can count on when blackouts hit.

    Robust Construction and LiFePO4's Reliable Performance

    Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    Long-lasting LiFiPO4 Battery

    Worry-free Guarantee

    Power for Every Scene: Home, RV, Outdoor & More

    What's in the Box

    *ALLPOWERS power stations and solar panels come with a default 2-year warranty. By registering your Power Station, you can avail an additional 3-year extended warranty. Please note that extended warranty is not available for solar panels at the moment. Register Here.




    Battery Type

    6,000 cycles to 50% capacity, 3,500 cycles to 80% capacity



    48V 42Ah


    Supported ≤15ms


    Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi

    AC Outlets


    230V 2500W (Surge 4000W)

    USB-C Outlets

    5/9/15V⎓3A, 20V⎓5A, 200W Max.

    USB-A Outlets

    2x 5V⎓2.4A, 12W Max.
    2x 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓1.5A, 36W Max.


    12V⎓10A, 120W Max.


    Expandable Capacity Up to 20kWh

    with Parallel Port

    AC Input

    230V 7A, 1500W max.

    Solar Input

    12~150V 13A, 1000W Max.

    Car Charger Input

    12V/24V DC

    Dual AC+Solar Input

    Max. 2500W


    456 x 360 x 346 mm

    17.95 x 14.17 x 13.62 inch

    Net Weiht

    29 kg / 63.93 bs

    Discharge Temperature

    -10°C-40°C (14°F~104°F)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Paul Janecki
    Portable power station R2500

    Absolutely great peace of kit
    Delivered on time and we'll packet
    So good I bought another one 👍👍

    Andrew Hardy
    UPS configuration

    I have my unit set up as a UPS for the Internet, within days of configuration we needed it and it kicked in seamlessly and would keep us connected for 3 days! Very happy.

    Carol Rooney
    Got there in the end

    Received the R2500 and found the ac sockets did not work e mailed customer service and unit was returned and replaced in super fast time
    So 5 stars for customer service from me

    saso ilievski

    small thing but does everything in the kitchen or in the predictions are after couple years mostly households will have this kind of equipments...

    Mr Rice
    Superb Power Stattion

    I already have an ALLPOWERS S700 and a S2000PRO but needed more power to run things throughout the colder Winter months when van camping. The R2500 is a perfect addition. I have a no-build camper setup, and now it's even easier to have power in my 3 zones, the S700 powers my fridge, as its colder, so the S700 easily copes with my 3 days away in the Winter, the S2000 powers my cooking requirements with an air fryer and the R2500 will now handle my heating requirements when I'm in the van in the evenings. With 400w of solar panels on the roof, I can put some power back in them on a sunny day throughout the Winter, and look forward to the 2024 Summer where the summer days will top them up daily.

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    Peak Power 600W 400W 200W 200W
    Cell Monocrystalline Sillicon Polycrystalline Silicon Monocrystalline Sillicon Polycrystalline Silicon
    Conversation Rate 22-24% 19-22% 22-24% 19-22%
    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 52.8V 45.3V 23.5V 22.2V
    Short Circuit Current (Isc) 14.99A 11.45A 11.99A 12A
    Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 44V 37.4V 20V 18V
    Maximum Power Current (Imp) 13.63A 10.6A 10A 11A
    Unfolded Size 2125*1813*10mm
    83.7*71.4*0.4 inch
    41.26*104.72*0.2 inch
    20.67*87.8*0.39 inch
    87.8*25.6*0.39 inch
    Folded Size
    23.6*35.7*1.9 inch
    41.26*20.94*2.56 inch
    20.67*21.06*2.76 inch
    25.6*20.3*0.39 inch
    Net Weight 212.5 kg / 27.5 lbs 18.5 kg / 40.79 lbs 5 kg ±0.3kg 6.3 kg / 13.9 lbs


    The runtime can be calculated as follows:
    Runtime = Battery Capacity x Depth of Discharge x Inverter Efficiency ÷ Rated Power of the device.
    For example, if the R2500 is used to power an 1100W Air Fryer the runtime would be 2016Wh x 86% x 80% ÷ 1100W ≈ 1.2 hours.

    DC Output Runtime = Battery Capacity x Depth of Discharge ÷ Rated Power of the device.
    For example, if the R2500 is used to power a 100Wh Drone, the runtime would be 2016Wh x 86% ÷ 100W ≈ 17.3 times.

    The above date is for reference ONLY. Please note that the formula is NOT suitable for inductive loads with compressors, like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.